Photo Games

Nikos Konidaris

Born 1976 in Athens, Greece. I have attended two seminars on Street and Art photography by Lukas Vasilikos and lessons on Visual Storytelling by Achilles Nasios. I have participated in the group exhibition “Lost & Found” curated by Void Photo and “The Last Game”, a group exhibition curated by Achilles Nasios. Finally I got selected to exhibit my work as part of Eastreet 4 group exhibition in Lublin, Poland.


(March 2018)


Whatever You Really See

(Jan. 2018)

A human being is essentially a spirit-eye.

Whatever you really see, you are that.






Achilles Nasios is a photographer, video-artist and an art teacher. He was born in Greece, studied in Prague, Berlin, Athens and Stockholm. Worked as a lecturer of photography at the Greek University. He lives and works in Sweden.