Photo Games

George Koutsouvelis (Games)

The 11th PhotoGame -

(June 2022) -

George Koutsouvelis is a self- taught photographer and at the same time he teaches Computer Science in the city of Athens, Greece.

He uses Photography as the medium to express his impression of reality. When he photographs, he is more interested in capturing the “feel” and the “atmosphere” of the subject, and not simply recording a fact. Time and place are not important in his frames.

His work has been published and showcased in many international exhibitions , private collections, online and printed magazines.


Social media: Instagram: @yiorgoskouts

Achilles Nasios is a photographer, video-artist and an art teacher. He was born in Greece, studied in Prague, Berlin, Athens and Stockholm. Worked as a lecturer of photography at the Greek University. He lives and works in Sweden.