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When I first read Vilem Flusser’s “Towards a Philosophy of Photography” 20 years ago, I couldn’t even dream that his deep thoughts that were presented almost in fairy tale simplicity were to radically alter my perception of the photographic affairs. It’s not the thoughts exactly but the action that changes matters. It’s not philosophy as an idea but its implementation that proves its value. Actions are the only way to prove the truth of what is spoken.

Through the years of studying the art of teaching, I gradually saw a new pedagogic method of teaching photography emerging. Inspired from the deep understanding that Flusser suggested in combination with Rudolf Steiner’s and Pär Ahlbom’s pedagogics I reached the point of perceiving and creating the Photo Games.


Up to now, three different types of games have been planned and implemented. Τheir aim is always a deeper search for the demands of every single photographic procedure. As an outline one could say that The Photo Games utmost goal is to contribute to the methodology of researching the role of the photographer to his/her subject matter, the relationship with it from the initial recognition to the final formation. Sometimes emphasis is given to personal experience as is the requisite of shooting and sometimes to sharpen the mind to prompt it to edit images. The Games have been designed to offer a thorough personal perception of the photographic procedure but also to lead a step further to the utterance of a lucid visual language.


All the works that are presented in this website are the outcome of workshops designed as games (Games) as well as the products of our weekly web meetings (Stories) and at list of the (Inter-Games), which are designed to be played on-line, and during them multifaceted ways of learning and knowledge are gradually growing..

The results of the photo action of each participant are presented in the games page, where each photographer was shooting in an dimly lit room within one minute. The aim of this action is to achieve a compact series of pictures which is formed from the combination of a chosen picture from each circle.

In the stories page the most important intend is to develop a complete visual proposal from every participant. Based on the development of our visual propositions we were able to decipher the theory that holds the art of photography. We recognized the importance of style and saw form spreading in front of our eyes the core of substance. We observed the secret unfolding of our subject matter revealing what we did not know about us and even more. Finally overjoyed we saw our work becoming a source of inspiration for the others.

The result of the Inter-Games will be shown soon.


We are not a conventional team. We are people from different places, our professions differ as do our faces and our gaze. Our connecting link is our common love for photography and the realization of the need to search deeper in the dialectics of photography and the ways the art is expressed through them. This is the reason we decided to widen gradually the results of our study. Hoping that our initiative shall inspire open dialogue as any expression would aspire to.

I wish to thank everyone who participated in the Photo Games up to now, considering joy our greatest reward. Without it, we would not have any outcome.

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